Dear friends, as I write here, I’m sitting in front of the chimney in the cozy wooden house of my parents in Switzerland and warm my feet by the fire. Wrapped in a cuddly blanket, I rock the rocking chair and think back. Not only to the wonderful past Christmas days that I spent here in Switzerland with my family, but also the whole of the past year 2017. NEVER, and I’m not exaggerating, has so much changed in my life as this year. I briefly list my milestones:

Beginning of the relationship with Aaron

Founding of ACL Creative Studio

Beginninf of my studies (CAS Typography & Print
at the Zurich University of Arts)

Moving from a shared flat to my own flat (with Aaron)

First job via ACL Creative Studio

– Decision to emigrate
– Quitting my job
– Holidays in Thailand

Preparing for emigration

– Departure to Portugal
– Founding of the blog
* ❤︎ *

Get things sorted in our new home

Reunion with family


* ❤︎ *

Here I have to reveal a little secret …

During my last check-up at the gynecologist, which I did shortly before my departure in Switzerland, I received a wonderful surprise. Exactly, we’re expecting a baby!  😍

And although at the time of emigration everything was going honky-dory, I was not overwhelmed by the news (only positively surprised), but ready for the drastic change that would happen in my life.

The wish to have a child was from both sides and we left the time decide. 

It may have happened very quickly, but it’s just fine. Thinking too long about a thing usually doesn’t make it better, only worse. If you’re taking your steps in your life convinced, it always turns out good!

If you can’t call this “adventure” … A beautiful past adventure that I look back on with a smile. Although there also were many difficult times and uncertainties about the decision to hit the skies, I regret nothing of all this. I’m proud that I finally dared to do something new. This year made me stronger, made me grow, and it feels like I’m ready for more, for a new chapter in my life. I look full of excitement and confidence into my future, as uncertain as it may be. Thank you, dear 2017, you were great!

Now we are here, back in Switzerland, to end the year with my family. This year it hasn’t been “just” Christmas, as it has been the past years. It was a reunion, as we have never experienced. The Christmas spirit was great, unlike Portugal. My heart leaped from the beautiful lights, the scent of punch and Christmas cookies. From the sight of the sweet „Grittibänze“ (brioche-dough figure shaped like a man and eaten near Christmas) and from breathing the cold clear winter air. The Christmas dinner was a culinary delight and the feeling of “family” was stronger than ever. Christmas without stress? It absolutely exists and I’ve been able to joyfully experience it this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the year.


Impressions of the Christmas holidays in Switzerland.

Anticipation of our baby.

Excursion on Christmas day in the Swiss mountains.

Tomorrow we go to England, to Aaron’s family.

I wish you all a happy new year, and you’ll hear from me again soon!