Dear Friends, here I am again, I arrived well into the new year. We passed the year at Aaron’s family in England comfortably and calm. A few days earlier we also met some of his closest friends and spent 2 nights in the beautiful town of Wantage, near Oxford. There’s nothing like a happy get-together with the people you love. The start of the new year 2018 has been quiet and very comfortable. unusual, but in my eyes very nice and positive.


Here are some impressions of the beautiful village Wantage. Thanks to our friend Dan, from whom I got some beautiful photos of the area!

© Bromeliad Studio

© Bromeliad Studio

© Bromeliad Studio


Cozy days in Exeter, Devon.



I’m sitting on the couch in Feniton, Devon. Aaron and I are alone in his mother’s house. It’s quiet and I only hear the ticking clock and the keys of my laptop while I write.

Although we have enjoyed the past few days with friends and families, we look forward to a few quiet days and our return to Portugal. We’re are not used to moving fast anymore. Today is a day where we both take our own time. So I devote my thoughts to the coming year.


In meditation, thoughts of the New Year’s rituals come to me. I think specifically of looking back on the old year and the towards my New Year’s resolutions.

I find it a beautiful ritual to recapture and to express gratitude for the past year. Reflecting on the past gives me the opportunity to gratefully let go of the old year to make space for the coming year and many new experiences. Previously I got nostalgic when looking back and it was hard to let go of the old year. Today I look back with pleasure, and then look forward! Letting go is much easier for me today and I’m really looking forward to my future.

So what about the New Year’s resolutions? Do I have any for the coming year? Should I have some?

I support the idea of ​​New Year’s resolutions and creating goals that you want to achieve in the coming year. Goals are important! And if you know what goals you have, you can work to achieve them.

I prefer to spontaneously set one goal after another, something of which i can take into my very own hands. Focusing on ONE goal has always worked better for me than trying to follow an entire list.

There are so many ideas bubbling in my mind that want to be implemented. The desire to create makes me very fidgety and I can hardly wait to finally get started.

As far as this blog is concerned, I have a small chance for the year 2018!


It’s not been that long since I started this blog. It is incredibly fun to write my thoughts down to this and that. To bring more variety into my blog, I want to share stories of other people with you. Some bloggers would call this “guest contributions”. I call it “People Stories” because it’s personal stories of other people who go their own way – on their own journey.

Incidentally, I have supplemented my blog with a subscribe option. So if you want to be informed about e-mail occasionally, you are welcome to join the mailing list 🙂


I wish you a wonderful New Year and a lot of positive energy to fulfill your plans and dreams!


Lots of love