A few weeks ago, when I arrived back in Portugal after the holidays at our families, I received the message that my grandmother had died. The new year had just begun and already a challenge arrived. When I visited my grandmother during the holidays in Switzerland, I announced to her that she could expect her 17th great-grandchild. And when she asked, “Will I still see him?“ I answered: “Sure! There are only three more months to go!“. In retrospect, I realized how fast time can go sometimes…

Even though many people find death terrifying and letting go is not easy for them, the death of my grandmother didn’t knock me down. Knowing that she was blessed to live a long life and that she didn’t really „leave“, I was able to say goodbye to her in a very relaxed way. My belief is that energy can’t just dissolve, but simply changes shape and forms. So for me her spiritual body is still alive and is somewhere among us. This may not be right for everyone, but for me it’s as normal as brushing my teeth. Perhaps this very view gave me the strength to accept the death of my grandmother with grace.


A beautifully designed grave of my grandmother.

Nevertheless, I shed some tears after receiving the message of her death. The days after that were more or less marked by thoughts about life and death. Through the death of my grandmother and the upcoming birth of my son (yes, it will be a boy!) I was so wonderfully reminded of the wheel of life: as old goes and new comes. A circle that closes and a wheel that keeps turning.

My thoughts have spun even further and I suddenly thought of how our world changes so radically from generation to generation.

Shortly before her death, my grandmother wrote me a letter. It was a letter of her own kind – a small lecture about her views on marriage. In short, she pointed out that she didn’t approve of Aaron and I not being married while expecting a child. It’s a question of character, as if I had no morals. This is an obsolete ideology that I can’t fully agree with and I didn’t reply to her, because I didn’t want to enter into a debate and I knew that she meant well.

After her death, I had to think back to this little story and found for myself that the wheel of life not only brings “new” humans, but also new ideologies and world views, and that there is a continuous change in the world. For me, it seems as if every generation brings new energy to our earth and slowly replaces our obsolete thinking patterns and world views with new ones. Our children are the future. How true this statement is …

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming birth of my son in which the most interesting part of my life will start. Of course I want to pass on the best to my child and share my views with him. But I’m also so curious as to what I’ll learn from him! Children are our greatest teachers – that’s what I’ve heard anyway, and I’m looking forward with much excitement. I want to be open and unbiased for new views and I want to practice my mental flexibility. Let’s see how well I’ll succeed. 😉


This short post was a small insert that I somehow found important and beautiful. Who else thinks about the wheel of life in this way? Maybe there are some of you who can understand and relate to my thoughts. How do you see it?


I’m looking forward to your comments!