I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but I have the feeling that something big is happening in the business world. I’m referring to the changes of occupations that might take place in the near future and which in some cases are already so. Since the industrialization a lot has happened; some professions have become unnecessary and new ones have emerged. We also owe these “new” professions to our technology today. Even now I feel something newer is coming – I can feel it!

People nowadays are becoming very fastidious in choosing their jobs. When looking for a job they pay more attention to aspects such as: the team, the working atmosphere, fun or even passion, identification with work, respect among colleagues, appreciation and recognition, and last but not least, the salary. The question about wage, however, is shifting more and more into the background and people are focusing more on realizing their own dreams within their profession. Values have changed!

In the past, most people were happy for any job they could find and maybe only those who had enough money thought about self-fulfilment or self-realization. The situation today looks a little different, as lots of things have become much easier and people have become more mobile, which enables them to cover more distances for their jobs. There are also other job possibilities where one can work from home, or do part-time jobs, and even the possibility for starting one’s own business has become easier. This is probably one reason why there are more and more independent entrepreneurs. People no longer want to work just for social recognition or a puny wage, and least of all, do they want to work for someone else’s dream. No! They want to realize their own dreams.

Of course not everyone has been able to change their jobs or start their own business. The job market would be really different today if people were to do so. But there are more and more of these job trends emerging.



An interesting question arises: What if all the people in the world were to be self-employed? Would companies be able to pay for the services of a whole team of self-employed people? Wouldn’t that be the end of a lot of companies? In my case, as a freelance graphic designer, I can earn twice as much in an hour as that which I received from my former employer. As an independent graphic designer, I might probably be too expensive for them. Huge companies thrive so well because they have many hard-working helpers who usually put their energy into the company for awful small wages. If suddenly such companies had to pay double the wages that could surely be the downfall for most of them.

I don’t know whether this will ever happen or even be possible or whether it is at all a “good” vision. I certainly don’t know! Somehow I just like the idea that it could be a solution to stop the exploitation of workers in large companies. Additionally, the fact that an increasing amount of people start their own business and do what they like best makes me curious.

Many questions come to my mind. What new jobs will there be in the future? Which ones won’t exist anymore? What types of occupations will boom? What would the future world of work look like?

Finally, what interests me even more: What is your vision of the future world of work? What does your dream job look like? What is important to you and what do you value in your work?

I am eager to know your answers.